The Best Handheld Massager Reviews

back massagerWithout a doubt, one of the most beneficial devices on the market today is the percussive massager. With health benefits ranging from increasing blood flow to reducing fatigue & stress, it's salient to mention that a portable massager would be advantageous to own one. Percussive massagers convey strong vibrations into your muscles, invigorate lymph circulation, and regulates better oxygen distribution to your muscles.

Paying for a facial massage or a deep tissue massage can become very costly especially since your body and face benefit from one at least once per week. Fitness trainers and facial release clinicians deliver the very same kind of treatments that cure back, head, neck, and shoulder pain stemming from working long hours or even from an intense workout routine. Percussive massagers are commonly used in rehabilitation therapy, on muscles that have been damaged in a severe accident, and even for those who have paralysis in their limbs.

There are many health benefits to using percussion massagers including:

• Advocates healthy skin
• Decreases blood pressure
• Boosted immune system
• Increased mobility
• Stabilizes autonomic nervous system
• Eradicates toxins
• Boosts your mood

We all have stressful lives at one point or another. Eliminating as much stress as possible is a goal whether we focus on it or not. When we're in pain, we concentrate less, are quicker to anger, and cannot think as clear as we could if we weren't. Below this is going to be the best handheld massagers that are available to the public today.

Top 6 Best Percussion Massagers Reviews

Pure-Wave CM7

best handheld massager
My Rating: (5 / 5)

The Pure-Wave CM7 is has a flawless and innovative design equipped with several revolutionary features including multiple massage tips, powerful motor, and a cordless reach design on par with skilled physical therapists.

Relieve your tension and aching muscles with one of three powerful massage tips: Shiatsu Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Acupressure massages. Fitness trainers, facial clinicians, and physical therapists use the same methods enabled by handheld massagers of this caliber to unknot your back and loosen tense muscles. The numerous amount of massage sticks ensure for a thorough massage on any part of the body. The handle has a built-in dual mode facial vibration. The motor that powers the design is extremely strong and effective at massages your muscles into proverbial heaven. Massage cream can also be used in your massage to provide the smoothest transitions.

The multiple attachments that come with this unit starts with the Body Oil Massage Stick. You can use this to help apply your favorite oil or cream and it can be used on both the percussive and vibration mode settings. This moves us along to the Scalp Massage Stick. You can power yourself down, close your eyes, and run the scalp stick through your hair & on your scalp that can feel just like a day at the salon. The last attachment is the Facial Massage Stick. This attachment can be used in assisting you in applying your daily cream to maintain and clear and smooth complexion. Its main purpose is good for relaxing your face muscles are a stressful work day or strenuous exercise routine.

At this point, you're probably asking if the best handheld backmassager is portable? Meaning can you move around your home with it? Yes. The revolutionary cordless design is very beneficial in the sense that you do not have to sit and babysit a plugged in percussive massager. The battery is a rechargeable, long lasting lithium-ion battery. The battery can last up to 180 minutes or two weeks of continuous minimal use.

Thumper E501

best percussion massager
My Rating: (5 / 5)

Certain hand held body massagers reign supreme over the other massagers and it is because of their features & the level of convenience any one product can provide. The Thumper has a sound design with a technologically advanced system that is far superior than your average handheld massager. While providing the utmost amount of soothing relief, the cost-effective product really pays for itself in the healed muscles & calm mind that it produces after just one use.

After being on the market for just a short period of time, the amount of units that Thumper has already sold is mind-boggling in terms of how active the market really is. The consumer reviews are all very outstanding and positive stating compliments such as saving them tons of money or having their muscles recover twice as fast after a workout. The health benefits that come with this massager are truly amazing. Being portable, you can take this model anywhere in your home or with you on your travels.

A review of this product that seems to have stuck with the product is that it has a very light touch. Not light as in ineffective, but light as in how smooth it is on your skin when you're using its features. Another common opinion of the machine is that instead of the normal high-pitched whirring that comes from most massagers, this machine has a gentle hum that emits from the base that is basically silent. Unlike other massagers, this one is actually very cost-effective and won't make a dent in your budget. It's also an appropriate gift giving cost in the way that it's not a high ticket item.

The hand held massager has variable speeds to choose from at your discretion. It has a weight of 2.8lbs or approximately 3lbs. If you ever run out of a charge, the power cord's length can be convenient as its approximately 11 ½ feet long. No more babysitting a charging massager! The technical specifications for this massager are 120 volt, 18 watt and 60HZ. The dimensions for this product is 16″ L x 6″ W x 5″ H or 40 cm x 15 cm x 13 cm. Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE, ROHS.

MAX 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager

massager handheld
My Rating: (5 / 5)

Begin your day by experience the maximum amount of comfort that is possible. This portable massager has the utmost amount of control that a cordless massager can give you.

The lightweight and extremely durable design enables the user to freely move about their home and massage away all the stress from work, life, and physical activity. The two ergonomic handles allows you to guide the massager anywhere on your body and allows you to determine how much pressure to apply to your muscles. The body is made of a lightweight aluminum that makes the product almost weightless. Alleviating sore muscles has never been more simple. The massage nodes move in multiple directions to ensure that all of your muscles are reached and your massage is the most complete that it can be. The unlimited reach allows you to hit any stressed muscle or area that may be bothering you.

The massager handheld has three different modes to select from and they are all in the form of deep tissue massages. The portable massager also has 5 different speed variations that can pinpoint just what type of massage that you are looking for. The unit is cordless as well, making it portable, and allowing you to move about your home while you rejuvenate your muscles. The motor provides an excess amount of power ranging from 1750 RPMs to 2550 RPMs or the maximum amount of pain relief.

While the unit works amazing without a cord, a cord is included in the package for charging purposes. If the unit goes un-used for 20 minutes, the auto-off feature activate and the device powers down. The dimensions for the product are 5.9 x 5.9 x 19.7 inches and it weighs a modest 5.4lbs. The product works with 240 volts. The charger is 120/240V AC. This transformer emits 15v at 30amps.

Styles II Ergonomic

 best handheld back massager
My Rating: (5 / 5)

The Styles II Ergonomic is highly recommend for relaxation from body & muscle aches, improves the healing over your muscles, and is a great stress reliever.

The All-in-One design & features enable you to use any one of the four attachments that come in the package for any body part including back, head, neck. Arms, legs, or feet. With enhanced tissue healing capabilities, the unit provides a comfortable hand-grip so that you can use it anywhere and not stress your hands or wrist. The design is extremely lightweight and portable which allows you to enjoy a massage after work in the comfort of your own home or even on your break at work. If you take your physical health seriously and the wellness of your muscles, at least giving this unit a trial run is in order. Using this unit improves blood and lymph circulation, eliminates the tension in your muscles, positively effects the nervous system thus improving mental stability, and increases the rate at which your muscle tissue heals. This standard handheld body massager is fantastic at replenishing your strength & energy.

The units dimensions are 16.5 x 6 x 4 inches and is only about 2lbs which makes it very easy to carry around with you or in a carrying bag.

Inner Balance Wellness IMR0001-OS

electric back massager
My Rating: (5 / 5)

The Inner Balance Wellness IMR0001-OS is a tapping massager that can inch out the stresses of your daily life by lightly massaging your muscles while maintaining a proper speed delegated by you.

This unit is equipped with a strong tapping frequency, which means that it produces a light percussion that emits small vibrations into your muscles. This mimics the effect of professional physical therapist techniques such as cupping, hacking, and pounding. Tapping is generally done in a gentle motion over the muscles have been loosened and is done with the proper amount of intensity. The movement with this product should be light and you may increase the pressure with the unit as you see fit.

While this electric back massager has two variable speed selections, you may adjust the speed to whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Along with having two speed selections, the unit also has two different tapping frequencies to select from. Breaking down tense muscles and relieving the stress from your day is never an instant process, but with this product you can come about as close as humanly possible. Coupled with the two-two selectable speed & frequency options, the massage heads are both interchangeable to customize your massage experience.

The dimensions for the unit are 15 x 3.2 x 4.5 inches and it very light being a mere 3lbs. With the cord being 68 inches long, you no longer need to stay by an outlet to wait for a massager to charge.

Pure-Wave CM5

portable massager
My Rating: (5 / 5)

Powerfully gentle, the Pure-Wave CM5 has a revolutionary effect on the body & muscles. With being known as one of the highest quality massagers on the market today, this unit has multiple attachments, multiple speed settings, and a sleek cordless design to ensure maximum portable comfort.

The CM5 has three different attachments to relive the tension from your muscles. The first attachment is the Air Cushion Stick. This is a patented massage head that is very adaptable and has been developed to fit many different areas of the body. If you're looking for a soft massage then this would be the attachment that you will use. Combined with the powerful percussion motor on the unit, this acupressure tip will help you work out those hard knots and tight muscles. The second attachment is the Point Stick. This attachment is for users searching for a quality deep tissue massage and who can also handle a little bit of pain for pleasure. This is not for users who are looking for a soft massage, in fact, it is quite the opposite. With this tip, a stiff neck will no longer be an issue. The third attachment is the 6-head stick. While more commonly used by users who are into receiving strong sports-type massages, this can be used by consumers who are comfortable getting a strong, deep tissue massage. The head on the massager is very firm and is great for targeting larger muscle groups.

There are multiple massage tips that also come with this unit, which are Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Acupuncture Pressure. While the motor is extremely powerful, it is very quiet so that you may enjoy a calming massage without the inconvenience of a loud, static whirring clouding up the room. Simultaneously being light weight, cordless, and handheld you can surf TV or even be on the phone while enjoying a relaxing massage.

The electric back massager comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a time frame of 180 minutes of continuous use. It can also be used for two straight weeks while maintaining minimal use. The battery also charges very fast, so if you run out of time, just plug-in the unit for 30 minutes, and you'll be good to go!
The technical specifications for the unit are approximately 15" in length, the body is about 3" wide, and the height ranging from the tip of the massage head to the percussion side is 3.5" to 4.5" based on which massage tip you're using. The massager is a mere 1 and ¾ lbs. The AC adapter has 240V input with a 8.5V output. The charger and stand are both included. If you're looking for a deep tissue, energy replenishing massage, this unit is the solution that you're looking for.

Final Thoughts

The market is always flooded with low-quality products, so you need to do some research relating to what your needs are. The devices listed above are extremely versatile, strong & reliable power sources, and can focus on many different muscle groups on your body. Finding the most cost-effective solution for your body is paramount and with the many low-cost products that have been reviewed above, you can most certainly get your body the comfort and relaxation that It needs and deserves. Please ensure that you follow all safety pre-cations while using a hand held massager and be sure to read the user manuals that come with your products. Enjoy!

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