Best Massage Oils for Expectant Moms

Pregnancy is a time of rapid changes in your body; hormone fluctuations, strange eating patterns, and growing clothing sizes are only a few challenges you’ll encounter as your body adapts to taking care of itself as the baby develops. Expectant moms often need to take time out for extra pampering and rest as much as possible during as the body endures the stress; a simple way to relax and enjoy some relief from pain is with a prenatal massage therapy session or maybe perhaps with a good foot spa machine.

Nicole Cutler of the Institute for Integrative Healthcare encourages pregnant women to enjoy massage during pregnancy because of the increased oxygen flow to the fetus (Source:12 Reasons to Administer Prenatal Massage). Prenatal massage not only helps muscles relax, but also removes unhealthy toxins from the body; the result is a well-rested and far less stressed mother-to-be!

If you want to enhance the effects of the massage even further, you can select a few specific massage oils and treatments that can make the experience even more rewarding. However, not all massage oils are safe for pregnancy; you’ll need to be selective with the types of ingredients present in each type of oil. Here are some of the best massage oil combinations to make your prenatal massage a valuable pampering experience:

Mandarin Essential Oil for Massage
Mandarin oil is one of the best essential oils for softening the skin and nourishing it with moisturizing ingredients. It is commonly used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and offers a rejuvenating and refreshing scent that can give you a ‘lift’ during those stressful days. This oil has a natural soothing effect and is also used to restore the digestive system and metabolism if it is out of balance.

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil for Massage
This oil has a popular choice for prenatal massage because of its relaxing and therapeutic properties. The oil is milder than most massage oils and can also be used in a spa bath or soak for deep relaxation. Ylang-ylang is soothing and restorative, and an excellent choice for tired and aching muscles.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Massage
Sandalwood essential oils are commonly used in vaporizers and steam baths, and exude an exotic aroma; the aroma itself can be especially balancing and is often used to center and relax before meditation. It is a safe and effective massage oil for pregnant mothers, and is commonly mixed with neroli and mandarin oils for an even more soothing complex.

Tangerine Essential Oil for Massage
Tangerine essential oils are best used to reduce and prevent stretch marks, and can be mixed with frankincense and avocado oil for an especially rejuvenating and relaxing combination. Tangerine is uplifting and refreshing in itself, and can simply be inhaled if you are feeling weary or tired. If you’re experiencing rapid weight gain during pregnancy, choose a tangerine-based massage oil to stop stretch marks from forming right in their tracks!

Neroli Essential Oil for Massage
Neroli is commonly found in many aromatherapy treatments because of its calming and soothing properties. It is especially helpful for pregnant mothers who are having difficulty sleeping, and can help to reduce anxiety on any given day. Neroli oil combined with vitamin E and lavender is an excellent mixture for promoting good skin health, and can be used across the stomach, arms, and legs to protect the skin.

Lavender Essential Oil for Massage
Lavender oil is a natural muscle relaxant, and can help relieve pain, discomfort, and is commonly used to reduce stress. It is also valuable in heated body treatments as it soothes and pampers the skin, and can be mixed with rose and neroli oils for even more benefits.

From sandalwood to mandarin oils, there are only a few essential oils that are appropriate for prenatal massage. Enjoy a prenatal massage session at least once every two weeks (preferably once per week) to maximize the benefits of this natural healing treatment.