Casada Quattromed III Review

Casada Quattromed III can give the much needed relaxation and stress relief no matter where you are. It's also equipped with a Jade Stone, a gem that is known for its healing properties specifically for the heart, kidney and stomach.

What Makes Casada Quattromed III Unique?

The latest Quattromed III is a one of a kind massaging chair that provides some exceptional health benefits. This is due to its jade stones that is said to improve the immune system and promote overall health for the organs inside the body. The massage pad may be one of the more expensive massagers out there but it boasts of the remarkable quality that a German brand like Casada is known for. This massage cushion actually gives the option to target a specific portion on your back and it does it really well. In fact the rolling ball moves like what a real massage therapist would move its hands.


Casada Quattromed III’s Features

Casada Quattromed III review• An extensive array of massage features
This comes fully loaded with various massaging modes including a 2-speed shiatsu mode, rolling massage and a vibrational seat with heat. These functions helps in delivering the most pleasant and relaxing massaging experience.

• Adjustable massage functions
Casada Quattromed III is one of those massage cushions that's pretty flexible according to a user's needs. Why? Because it allows you the chance to pick a massage from the full portion of your back or just focus on the lower or upper part of your spine.

• High Portability
Quattromed III can practically be used anywhere with electricity as it has an adapter included that's compatible with cars, trucks and even boats.

What I Love about Casada Quattromed III

casada quattromed III back• This back massager with heat has a demo setting that most users favor because of the amazing massaging performance and utmost simplicity.

• It has extensive set of massaging features and premium quality finish that helps provide the best massage ever.

• Turning on the heat will help in getting a lovelier and more soothing massage because of the presence of jade massage balls and heat.

• It has a highly convenient remote control as this allows controlling of the vibration, heat features and massaging of the chair with ease.


The latest Casada QUATTROMED III for me is simply one of the best massage chair pad with heat that I ever encountered. With its easy storage, premium build, better performance, and extensive array of massaging functionalities and features, this is definitely a must have for those who want to relieve themselves of their back problems.


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