A Comprehensive Five Star FS8812 Vibration Seat Cushion Review

The Five Star massage seat cushion is becoming an extremely hot item among gamers and alike. Not only is this cushion capable of providing you with hours of comfort, but also it can offer continuous vibrating massages. The cushion’s design is very unique, in that it utilizes small rolling balls to massage the body parts. You will also have 4 massage and 3 speed options to select from, including heat for warming up those tender joints.


Complete Portability

The Five Star vibration seat offers a very diverse usage, since it is very lightweight and portable. You can utilize it in your home, vehicle, and at work, plus it comes with an A/C car and 110 volt electrical cable. Instead of needing to preset the seat cushion to focus on one of your body parts, you can press one button and it will cycle through the 4 zones (shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs, and lumbar region).


• Delivers vibrations, which can help alleviate back pain
• Hand control unit makes it effortless to switch settings and speeds
• Independent heat can be switched on and off at your beck and call
• Capable of targeting four zones, including shoulders/upper back, lower back,
lumbar and thigh
• Entirely portable and even comes with a vehicle adapter
• Additional safety, thanks to the 30 minute automatic shutoff
• 3-year Factory Warranty for additional peace of mind
• 30-day Customer Satisfaction guarantee


• Not a Shiatsu massager
• Somewhat bulky

Overall Assessment

Although the FIVE STAR FS8812 might not be as versatile as some of the alternatives, it truly delivers in terms of performance and affordability. It delivers an excellent vibrating sensation, which will undoubtedly nullify most of your pain. Also, the cushion can be used pretty much anywhere and there is no need to purchase additional accessories to make it work in your vehicle. Therefore, the product is great for almost everyone and should not be overlooked!


Richard Thompson


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