GESS18 Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review

best massage chair padTurn Your Seat Into A Portable and Comfortable Massage Chair!
GESS18 is a great massage cushion for everyone who wants to relax and experience comfort at their home, office, and car. It comes with spectacular features and is available at a competitive price. Its twelve massage nodes and infrared heat helps expand the blood vessel and encourages blood flow throughout the body. Aside from that, you will also enjoy its seat vibration functionality, which I found to be relaxing, especially after a long busy day.
Another thing I liked about GESS 18 is its "versatility" when using its soothing heat function. The reason being that it could be turned off or on separately. Other massage cushions with heat integrated doesn't do this as it automatically turns it on for you without the option to turn it off. The massage nodes are definitely relaxing and you can even use the remote to have it stop and concentrate on a part of your back.

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GESS18 Shiatsu Massage Pad Features

• Complete Massage Chair Characteristics
Gess18 is probably the only massage cushion with airbags and the most amount of shiatsu nodes. It literally feels like a full functioning massage chair that's portable. Just naming a few of its functions include thermotherapy, seat vibration, back kneading and there are more of this.

• It comes with an adjustable strap and padded cushion for your comfort.
gess18 strap

• It includes a remote control that can easily be put at the side pocket for storage.
Gess18 Remote


How Does It Feel?

gess18 review modelWith GESS18 massage cushion, I felt relax and experienced some relief from tight, aching muscles around my body part. It gave my neck the comfort it deserves with its four shiatsu nodes around the head area.
While the seat vibration can be adjusted at high, medium and low. I found that I just kept on using the medium setting.
It's really easy to fall asleep with this massage pad and as such I found the fifteen auto shut-off timer to be pretty useful .
The straps can be adjusted if you want to secure it in your seat. But usually in a sofa or recliner, you won’t really need to utilize the straps.


As of now, I don't have any cons to say about Gess18. Though some have concerns about its price.


Currently, GESS18 received some positive reviews. Buyers praised its  quality, making it something worth looking at if you want something durable in the market.


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