Gideon Seat Cushion Review

If you are looking for relief from back pain, sore muscles, tension, shoulder pain or other general aches, then I’m certain the Gideon TM seat cushion is for you! Like many of you out there, I spend most of my workday sitting in a less than desirable office chair. At night I noticed that my back and shoulders were becoming more and more sore. I believe that by trying this massage product briefly it has help me ease some of those pain.


Gideon Massage Pad Features

The first thing that drew me to the GideonTM Seat Cushion was the fact that it is light weight and portable, fitting on just about any chair in my home or office. It also offers 10 vibrating points, 4 massage modes, 4 intensity settings and optional heat therapy. That gives me a huge amount of choices to really zero in on my specific pain points.

Each massage mode helps you relax and soothes tired muscles. Kick on the heat to really penetrate deep into the muscle tissue for long lasting relief. Each massage mode  can be paired with the intensity setting of  your choosing.

* Rolling

* Pulsating

* Tapping

* Kneading

*Bonus mode: “Auto” will scroll through all massage modes one after the other!

The unique elastic straps can secure the massage cushion to any chair, even a car seat, and the lightweight design makes the unit highly portable so you can enjoy your massager at home, at work or even on the road.


I noticed the healing effects of the GideonTM massaging seat cushion right away. Not only did my back and shoulders feel a whole lot better, but I found that with the pain out of the way I was also able to sleep better at night and get more done throughout my day. This is certainly the best massage chair pad of its class.


Richard Thompson


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