A Thorough HoMedics MCL-110H-2 Review – Does It Work?

HoMedics MCL-110H-2
Those sick and tired of suffering from back pain should take the time to check out the HoMedics MCL-110HA-2CO. There are very few massage cushions on the market that are capable of paralleling the affordability and performance provided by the MCL-110H-2. Does it work and is this your best option? You’ll find out by reading the comprehensive review below.


Shiatsu Massage

When compared to some of the alternatives, the MCL-110H-2 offers fewer options and features. However, if you’re looking for the best Shiatsu massage you can find, you truly cannot lose with this product. This is the case, because it offers three Shiatsu massage modes and each of them will deliver a satisfying experience each and every time. You can focus the massager on your upper or lower back. Alternatively, it is also possible for the massagers to travel up and down the entirety of your spine for a full massage.

Easy To Reach Controls

Although the Homedics MCL-110H-2 doesn’t come with a remote, the integrated controls are easily accessible at all times. They’re positioned in a strategic manner, which makes them easy to access even while sitting in the chair. You’ll never have to worry about contorting your back and further injuring yourself, when changing the settings.

Soothing Heat

Despite the incredible affordability of this massage cushion, it still provides soothing heat. This addition will undoubtedly enhance the effects of the massage and provide you with more rapid relief. Just remember that it is optional and can be switched off quickly.


• Very affordable price can’t be beat
• 3 massage modes, which will be sure to satisfy all
• Can deliver a full back massage with traveling Shiatsu massagers
• Also provides soothing heat for better results
• Controls are easily accessible
• Cushion fits almost any chair, so it can be utilized anywhere in the home
• Weighs under 10 pounds


• Not as versatile as more expensive models

Overall Assessment

There are many excellent massage cushions on the market and the HoMedics MCL-110HA-2CO is undoubtedly one of the best. The combination of features and affordability help to make the product stand out in the oversaturated market. If you want a great massage, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it, be sure to check out this massage cushion.


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