Homedics MCS-510H Review

MCS-510HBuying a massage cushion or any relaxation product online comes with its own share of risks. From having a rough texture to imperfect features, many times we are deceived by the looks. Now, if you buy a low-quality mobile phone or loosed fitted dress it isn’t as much of a risk as it is buying a poor standard massage cushion. Why? Because an improper relaxation equipment can cause more harm than heal. If the airbags aren’t adjusted with your muscles or the rollers fail to comport then it can lead to temporary back pains, cramps and in the long run, you can be faced with diseases like spondylitis.

So, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Go with a product that you can trust, not only from the brand name but also the countless positive customer reviews. HoMedics MCS-510H Total back and shoulder massage cushion is an ideal product that provides comfort at an economic price.

Now, we understand that purchasing a massage chair with thousands of dollars may be out of reach for many, and visiting massage parlors every week is also not a feasible option. Does that mean you will be devoid of the luxury that you deserve? Definitely not. HoMedics MCS-510H makes sure you can receive your relaxation at any time in the comfort of your house.


5 great Features why you will love HoMedics MCS-510H

HoMedics is one of the primary brands when it comes to producing standard and useful products. HoMedics MCS 510H is a back and shoulder massage cushion.

1. Now, many high-end products often come with less flexibility and substandard texture of the material. Despite being technologically developed, if you don’t enjoy sitting on your massage cushion how can you enjoy the massage? HoMedics MCS 510H is built with high-quality materials and comes with a removable seat cover giving you utmost flexibility.

2. When you visit a massage spa one of the best things about it is the wide variety of massage choices, from shiatsu to kneading. Now, your massage cushion too has choices of massages. It can easily act as your personalized masseur who is programmed with 6 different massage techniques. Moreover, there are 4 independent nodes to help you relax muscle knots and loosen the lower back and shoulder. If that’s not flexibility, what is?

3. After the long day in the offices, we don’t always have the time for full back massages. But with HoMedics MCS 510H you can simply apply the ‘Spot’ feature and massage a particular region.

4. Many of us who love hot towels or heat massages would be addicted to the soothing heat effect that HoMedics MCS-510H offers. It elevates the ordinary massage and takes it to the next level.

5. With automatic remote control, you have full customization capability to adjust your massage to suit your needs. The gadget ensures that your comfort is the first and only priority. Moreover, with different massage options, it is a steal for the price.

homedics mcs510h


• Why should you miss the luxury of massages while travelling? Need something a bit too comfortable in office? Well, this massage pad is an easily portable gadget that can be taken anywhere. It can adorn the house or office, or simply taken in the back of your car.

• Not all of us are tech savvy. If you’re purchasing this equipment for an elderly or someone who isn’t accustomed to gadgets, the demo option is a real help to introduce all the significant features of the device.

• Unlike any massage cushions in the market, this product comes with 3 vertical zones to ensure the blood circulation in your body is stimulated. Feeling tired? Maybe you can regain energy using the chair.

• The flexibility and easy accessibility make the product a great choice for all members of the family. With height adjustments available, it can be enjoyed by all.


• To expect a device to be faultless is nothing less than a fool’s errand. MCS-510H is fairly loud and may cause annoyance if used continuously because of the noise.

• The height adjustment is up to 6”1’. So, for the extreme tall members of the family, the comfort level will be tab bit lower.

• It can slightly heavy, but can still be carried around.


Considering the features that HoMedics offer at a reasonable price, it is one of the best massage chair cushion for relaxation in the market today. You can save yourself the time and money of running to a massage therapist or struggling with your back and shoulder pains.

HoMedics MCS-510H has successfully reduced back spasms, neck cramps and shoulder joints. Many a time prolonged massage can be detrimental for our muscles. MCS-510H has a built-in technology that stops the machine if it continues for a long period of time. This makes sure you are only healed and not harmed.

In a word, HoMedics MCS-510H is the unique blend of relaxation with affordability. The new features introduced in the massage cushion elevates it above the contemporaries in the market and is definitely worth buying.


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