A Comprehensive HoMedics MCS-775H Review – Is It Worth It?

Back pain can be downright debilitating, but you do not need to suffer for eternity. With the Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion, you’ll be able to acquire the relief that you’ve always dreamed of. The cushion is designed to fit almost any existing chair within your home or vehicle. The design helps to guarantee that you’ll spend less, yet still acquire the same benefits delivered from a bulky massage chair. Is the product truly worth your money or will it leave you suffering? You’ll find out below.


Compact And Lightweight

One of the biggest benefits associated with the Homedics Air Compression Cushion is the fact that it is lightweight and compact. A lot of consumers would absolutely love to have a massage chair, but the mass majority does not have the space for a massively bulky chair. The Homedics is different. It weighs just 12.1 pounds and can easily be moved from chair to chair. This guarantees that you’ll be able to utilize it anywhere in your home, without hurting yourself further, while moving it.

The Programmable Remote

When sitting around and enjoying your massage, you’ll want nothing more than to sit and relax. Getting out of your seat or attempting to contort your body, in order to adjust the controls is not ideal. The Homedics prevents both complications, by providing the consumer with a handy programmable remote. Each and every aspect of the massage can be manipulated instantly with the remote. You can quickly switch from mode to mode and can up the intensity of the air massage with the push of a button.

Two Massage Modes

Each consumer is unique and his or her massage preferences will undoubtedly vary. If you’re the type of individual, who absolutely loves a high intensity massage, you’ll adore the Homedics Massage Cushion. However, if you want something a little gentler, you’ll be able to achieve that as well. The Homedics Cushion offers two separate massage modes, including a Shiatsu massage and the Air Massage. Both will be explained below.

• Shiatsu Massage –Delivers a relaxing massage to three zones. Massaging pulses will travel up and down your back for a full back massage. Isolating the pulses to the mid or lower back is also possible.
• Air Massage –The air massage utilizes compression and will gently put a squeeze on the lumbar air. Three intensities are available, so each user will be able to acquire the precise massage desired.

Soothing Heat

There is absolutely no doubt that heat can be immensely beneficial for pain. Homedics took this into consideration, when designing their massage cushion. The product is designed to utilize soothing heat to warm your back, while also providing you with a relaxing massage. The heat option is entirely optional and it can be switched on and off from the remote control.


• Surprisingly affordable, when compared to the alternatives
• Convenient remote delivers effortless control at your fingertips
• Cushion is lightweight and can be moved from chair to chair easily
• Capable of delivering soothing heat to your back
• Offers two types of massages, so everyone will find something to rectify their pain
• Choose between targeted areas and various intensity levels
• Removable cover for additional customization
• Strapping system fits the majority of chairs


• May not be strong enough for some

Overall Assessment

All in all, there is truly a lot to like about the Homedics Air Compression And Shiatsu Massage Cushion. The product is surprisingly affordable, more convenient than a chair and will work immensely well for the majority of users. Paired with the top foot massager gives a blissful experience. If you suffer from frequent back pain, you owe it to yourself to invest in this product.


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