No Essential Oils Massage is Complete Without Carrier Oils

essential oilsEssential oils can make for a real soothing massage. Imagine the relief as your back is pressed, rubbed and stroked by a masseuse. Feel your pains and stresses simply melt away. Never thought things could get any better? Think again. With essential oils you can double the healing effect of a massage. When your masseuse uses essential oils on your body you will feel both calm and energized at the same time. Combinations of slow or fast strokes with different oils are used to treat a variety of problems.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated substances and should never be directly applied to the skin. Direct application may lead to skin irritation and rashes. If you wish to use an essential oil in a massage, first dilute it with a carrier oil to make it less strong. Carrier oil is usually a vegetable oil with which an essential oil can be comfortably mixed.

They are great for different types of skin problems and make a perfect combination with essential oils.

From Jojoba to Soya Oil, Types Of Carrier Oils
Here is some information about carrier oils suitable to be used with different essential oils.

– Almond and Hazelnut oil are good for hair, dry skin and nails. They can be easily absorbed by the skin and contain vitamin D.

– Apricot kernel Oil and Avocado Oil are useful on dry aging facial skin and contain vitamin A.

– If you have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis then try out Primrose Oil. However, this must be used fast as it gets spoiled within two months of opening.

– Grapeseed Oil is one of the cheapest oils and is useful for folks who have oily skin.

– Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamin E and can make spots, acne, dandruff and dry scalp disappear.

– Some folks use olive oil but as it has a strong smell of its own making the fragrance of added essential oils thin. It should usually be used in bit quantities with other carrier oils.

– Soya Oil, Peach Kernel Oil and Sunflower Oil contain vitamin E and nutrients like essential fatty acids which is great for your skin.

– Wheatgerm Oil contains nutrients which include vitamins A, B, C and E. Though it has a strong smell of its own it is still used with essential oils because of its ability to firm and tone the skin, reduce blemishes, scar tissue and stretch marks.

Just mix in an essential oil into one of these carrier oils and get your masseuse to give you a relaxing rub. The massage will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and prepare you to tackle anything that comes your way. Essential oils are truly relaxing, try them out today! Might not be conventional but I do use these oils before sitting on a massage chair (visit here for recommendations).