Macrobiotics and Massage - Food & Touch Heals

Greetings everyone. Today’s article is about how food heals you, more specifically, macrobiotics. Most people have heard of this and to be honest it is a difficult way to eat long term but it does have healing benefits and is very helpful if you are suffering an illness that conventional medicine offers little help for. Below is an example of one doctor’s experience of this helping him with a serious disease, please be aware that this is only an example and that this is no guarantee it will work for you the same way.

In January 1987, a retired English doctor living in Italy, Hugh Faulkner, was told after tests in London that he had Pancreatic Cancer. The tumor was already the size of a cricket ball and could not be operated on, but a bypass operation was performed to prevent it blocking the passage of food from the stomach. Dr Faulkner knew that drugs and radiation treatment would not be likely to help and that he would most likely die in a few months.

However while recovering from the bypass operation, Dr Faulkner began to receive Shiatsu massage treatments, which he found relieved the pain and stiffness. The shiatsu therapist mentioned that she felt he could benefit from Macrobiotic Dietary approach for his condition. After discussing it further with friends and family, the doctor decided to try it, since orthodox medicine had nothing more to offer…how often have we heard that! He contacted a counselor in Macrobiotics, in London, who provided advice, books, cookery lessons and food supplies.

When the Doctor and his wife got back to Italy, they began to follow the diet as carefully as they could. They grew many of their own vegetables and drank water from a well on their property. In addition they practiced regular self massage and shiatsu from lesson they had taken. Three years after the operation, at the age of 77, the doctor was not only still alive, but fitter and more energetic than he had been for many years. He was engaged in part time local health care and was also doing research, writing, learning Jazz harmonica and wood carving.

He has admitted that there is no scientific proof ( At that time…now days it is different many studies have show the healing properties of food and shiatsu/massage) that macrobiotics worked to cure him. However a scan showed that the tumor had reduced and that it’s center was being destroyed. This is very rare in pancreatic cancer.
What this example shows us is that when you approach an illness with a holistic method like in this case, macrobiotic diet and shiatsu, you can achieve seemingly miraculous results. but in reality it is not so, really what we are seeing is what all natural medicine practitioner know, when given the right conditions, the body will self heal always.

The shiatsu allowed the energetic of the body to harmonize and this is most important as the energetic are the instructions the biochemistry, the part the macrobiotics worked with, needs to function properly. A combination of approaches addressed both sides of this problem allowing the emotional side of this man to become clearer also thus he engaged in life more with woodcarving and music etc. This is not coincidence but a clear example of how energetic medicine when used with knowledge and accompanying therapies, is the answer that orthodox medicine fails to even acknowledge.

Have a great day!