Massage Chair Benefits

In 1954, the first ever robotic massage chair was introduced by the Fujiryoki family in Japan. It wasn't until 1962 however that massage chairs become increasingly popular. This was largely due to the contribution of Nichimu Inada, who at that time established the Inada company in order to help overworked employees reduce stress. Both Inada and Fujiryoki has gained great reputation throughout the years and is now considered the heavyweights in providing quality massage chairs.

Massage chairs are considered luxurious items before because of its price. Not many has the chance to afford one, however due to its benefits and demand, more companies has follow suit hoping to get a share of the profitable market . Today we now have a wide variety of massage chairs that offers new features, benefits at increasingly more affordable prices.

So what exactly are the benefits on Using a Massage Chair?

    • Increase Blood Flow/Circulation

Your circulatory system includes the cardiovascular and lymphatic system. These two systems work hand in hand in order to detoxify your body. Heart pumps blood away through capillaries into adjacent tissue cells where waste and nutrients are exchanged. Fluids taken from your blood are then transported to the lymph nodes where waste are filtered in order to be returned to the blood stream.

If the circulatory system is not functioning properly, the heart has to work harder in order to pump blood which can cause a lot of health problems. A good massage helps stimulates the blood flow in order to enhance circulation.

    • Relieve Stress
      relieve stress

Stress is not necessarily bad. It's something we usually experience when we face an adrenaline rush or a dangerous situation. It's basically our bodies self defense mechanism. The problem however lies when the "feeling" of stress doesn't go away. If not treated, this can lead to headaches, sleeping problems, increase blood pressure etc.

A massage chair is known to release or reduce any stress we experience from our environment. Choosing one of the best massage cushion that's right for you would be able to do this as well.

    • Restore energy levels and increase mental alertness
      mental alertness

The four happy hormones (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin) are a group of peptide hormones release within the brain that would affect the way we feel emotionally. Massages are known to stimulate and allow these hormones to be discharged through the body.

As an effect, you will noticed an improvement in your mood, decrease anxiety, more stimulated into achieving your goals and just have a general feeling of self-worth.

    • Relax muscles, nerves and joints

Poor posture and other strenuous activity can lead to tense muscles and pain all throughout your body. Surprisingly the culprit behind most muscle pain in Americans is actually sitting. To avoid this, we need to at least have some sort of physical activity when we are sitting far too long. Office workers are usually the victims in this and sometimes it just can't be helped.

Massaging helps reduce stiffness and swelling by encouraging blood flow to the affected muscles.