Massage Chair Buying Guide

agree-1238964_640You need to have a plan if you want a massage chair. Why? Simply because they are pricey. Even the cheapest ones will cost you hundreds of dollars. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you may have just bought yourself a costly paperweight. As such I made this guide in order to help you find the chair that fits your needs.
Of course, you can use this same guide when purchasing a massage chair pad aswell.

Ask yourself, What feature are you looking for?

There are hundreds of massage chairs in the market and as such you can expect unique features and functions. Don't get the wrong idea that a higher priced massage chair means that it has all the latest features, cause it's not! You need to do your own thorough research. What then should you look out for?

Specific Type of Massage You want

1. Shiatsu - all massage chairs these days actually have this function. This is a type of therapy technique that was invented from Japan. Shiatsu, meaning finger pressure. What a massage chair would do is mimic the hands of a massage therapist as if thumbs are being pressed throughout acupoints in your body. It helps to fix imbalances of energy flow. A good foot massager usually has this type as well.

2. Swedish - a technique known to help in reducing pain. This massage technique is not usually advertised on massage chairs although some do, however if you see things like "Rolling", "Kneading", "Tapping" as a feature of the massage chair that you are interested in. Then they are almost pretty much similar as those functions are basics of what make up a Swedish massage.

3. Vibration - not a common massage technique but usually used to stimulate blood circulation and give of a relaxing experience. If this is the only thing you are looking for, then it might be best to just opt for a good massage chair pad rather than a massage chair.

Specs of the Massage Chair

1. Aircells - you know how massage therapist squeeze your muscles before releasing them? Apparently someone decided airbags will be able to mimic that technique and it sure does a good job. The more aircells a massage chair has, then the more body coverage it can target.

2. Body Scan - each individual has a different body frame. A good massage chair needs to be able to adjust to each specific needs. Most massage chairs however already have this feature.

3. Track Type - There is the S-track, It's basically rollers on the back that will follow the "S" shape of your spine. The L-track on the other hand allows the rollers to extend up to the buttocks area. All L-track massage chairs has an S-track while not all S-track massage chairs has an L-track.

4. Zero Gravity - this position elevates the feet to the same level as your heart. it's a neat and relaxing position that most chairs these days have.

Go and set a budget

Once you know what features you want, go ahead and choose a massage chair that has those functions within your budget. If you noticed on our best massage chair section, the cheaper massage chairs can actually be comparable to the more expensive ones.

Choosing a brand with good warranty coverage

Obviously the more trusted a brand is, the more expensive it is as well. While it might be a better idea to go for brand that's already known for their quality. It's not entirely feasible for everybody, as not everyone can afford an expensive massage chair that a good brand offers. As such, the next thing to go for is a brand that can offer good warranty coverage.

Choosing the Right Shop

A good shop will be able to provide support, discounts, recommendations and I was able to find those qualities in Amazon that's already a widely trusted e-commerce shop.


There is a massage chair, fit for everyone's budget. What's important is just doing a good prior research before going for it.

Richard Thompson


Hi! My name is Richard Thompson, I had worked as a sales specialist for a massage store and thus have years of experience recommending ideal massage equipments that would suit a buyer's needs. Throughout my journey, I've gathered enough knowledge about these comfort products and thus would like to take the opportunity to share what I know. I believe that through my recommendations and review, your search for a good massage equipment would be a quick and enjoyable experiece. Read More…