Massage Comes to Ingleside, Texas

Professional Bodywork Encourages Healthy Lifestyles

Affordable, professional bodywork is now available in Ingleside, Texas! Licensed massage therapist and Certified Reflexologist Shelli (Michele) Rossignol has opened a beautiful studio in Ingleside to serve the local community, visiting ‘winter Texans,’ and the ever-growing tourist population that this small town sees annually.

Ingleside, Texas is just a few minutes ferry ride from charming Port Aransas, a small barrier island that has seen an increase in tourism due to border violence in South Padre Island. Concern about safety has many of our part-time residents in Texas choosing North Padre Island for it’s safety, rather than South Padre, which is closer to the border and the violence seen by local drug cartels.

Local Realtor and owner of 1st Star Real Estate, Rosie Otalera has stated, “Ingleside is seeing a surge in real estate sales due to the impending sale of 4.Naval Station Ingleside, we are excited about seeing our community grow!” Along with this growth comes a need for services that people have traditionally driven the 28 miles to Corpus Christi, Tx. for. This is where Kia Ora Massage & Bodyworks has stepped in to fill this need with a beautiful studio, and quality, affordable massage therapy, head, hand and foot Reflexology, Thai massage, and much more.

Shelli is a favorite with many locals as well as visitors, with many years of experience enabling her to meet the needs of this growing community. Shelli has also partnered with Dr. Jennifer Mitchell of Mitchell Chiropractic in Sinton, Texas to help this community grow as well in the areas of wellness and healthy living, and Linda Miller, Certified, Registered Yoga instructor in Ingleside and Sinton, who specializes in Hatha Yoga and working with those who have past injuries and those 55 and up.

Massage therapy has been proven to help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, help the over worked person to de-stress, bring healing to sore and injured muscles, and increase circulation and help you to feel balanced and energetic. Reflexology is the study of meridian zones, with the belief that there are pressure points in your hands, head, and feet which correspond with vital organs in your body, similar in theory to Acupuncture, these centuries-old theories have an ever-growing fan base among those who have found them to aleviate pain, encourage health and increased vitality. Reflexology goes hand in hand with massage therapy.

If you are in this area, please call for a relaxing hand, foot and head massage or have a chair massage and become a believer!