Massage Therapists: Increase Your Earning Potential

Adding Spa Treatments Takes Your Business Above and Beyond

Massage Earning PotentialMany massage therapists think that they’re limited to just performing massage modalities. Depending on your state’s laws, you can most likely do spa treatments like body wraps, body scrubs, mini-facials, foot scrubs, foot masques and paraffin dips. You only need to buy a few more supplies to offer these and some of them have a profit margin greater than that of massage services.

First and foremost, always abide by your state’s licensing laws. The language may be difficult to interpret, though, so call your state’s Massage Board and ask for clarification. If they give you the green light, let the creativity begin.

Think about what your clients might purchase. If you live in a college town, mini-facials and body wraps will probably be popular. A massage studio in a city known for attracting retirees might be better suited to offering paraffin dips and foot scrubs. Use the knowledge you have already attained during your time as a massage therapist to guide you. In this article, I've put up some great tips on how to have a great massage therapist mind set.

Decide if you’d rather make your new products or buy them from a massage and spa supply store. Massage Warehouse has a great selection of pre-made muds, masques and scrubs. It may be less expensive for you to make them yourself, and that way, you know they are free of preservatives and are generally hypoallergenic. You can easily make masques out of bentonite clay or French green clay; as well, you can make foot and body scrubs out of mineral salts, sugar and even coffee grounds. Essential oils add different scents as well as medicinal properties. A word of caution: do your research before you decide on which essential oils to buy as some of them can actually be harmful.

After you’ve seen the pre-made products that are offered and have considered making these products yourself, it’s time to design your menu. You’ll want to create different things to appeal to everyone, including men. Use your imagination. For example, you can make a body scrub with brown sugar, a bit of grapeseed oil and orange essential oil, and call it something like “Sweet Georgia Brown.” You could make an herbal body wrap by boiling elastic bandages in green tea and a few drops of lemon essential oil. A nice lavender mini-facial masque can be made from bentonite clay mixed with water and a few drops of essential oil. Clove and wintergreen are popular scents for men. The possibilities are endless.

Set your prices. Depending on where you live, massage services cost about one dollar per minute, give or take. The same applies here, but you have to add the cost of your products and the time you spent making them to the equation. Be careful not to set your prices so high that you deter potential clients.

Lastly, promote your new spa treatments. When your clients call to schedule a massage, ask them if they know about the new services you offer. Briefly describe one or two of these treatments and offer a discount to get them in the door. Make sure to make your services very special; you want, of course, for your clients to keep coming back as well as to tell all their friends about you. If you have a website, definitely add a description of each of your new treatments to your online menu as this will make everyone aware of your offerings.

Spa treatments don’t cost much to add to your massage therapy business and have the potential to greatly increase your profits. Performing them is less strenuous than giving a full hour massage, so you’ll extend your career by going easier on your body. The additional services will entice clients to check out your studio and give you a chance to impress them.