Naipo Neck And Shoulder Massager Full Review

naipo neck massagerMy experience with Naipo products are always pleasant which is why when I have seen that they have a neck and shoulder massager line. I knew I just have to get one for my mom. For a while now, my mom has been diagnosed with "Frozen Shoulder". It is a condition wherein the tissues around the joint stiffens making shoulder movements very painful. Her doctor advised her to move them around even if it's painful along with some hot compress to loosen those tissues that has hardened.

Moving her shoulder around is however proving to be very painful for her that I thought a massager could help. So, after letting her use this for a couple of days. What's the verdict? Well... read on to find out.


Naipo Massager First Look

When I opened the box and took out the massager. The first thing that has crossed my mind is that it's really high quality made. I could tell just by its weight that it's not some cheap materials put in together. The texture/covering of this massager also feels really comfortable to the skin. There are a total of 4 massage nodes (2 on each side) that lights up in red when the heat mode is on.

There are 4 buttons on the side. The power, massage direction, speed and heat. The instruction booklet is pretty simple but overall I found the massager pretty easy to use anyway.

This massager can be used with or without cords as it comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. Of course, the batteries needs to be charged first though before you can use it cordlessly.

How does it feel?

Before I let my mom use this massager, I have to test it out for myself first to see how it feels. I mean, I don't want to worsen her condition.
Although this product can also be also be used on the back, waist, abdomen and thighs as per its instruction. I decided to just mainly use it for the neck and shoulder.

As I strap and turned it on, the massage nodes starts to rotate. This massager truly does hit the spot. It feels so comfortable and real that if you just close your eyes and relax, it doesn't look like a machine is actually working on you. Every few seconds or so, it will start to work on reverse by itself which makes me go aaahhhhh.... (in a good way of course). The heat function is just right as it doesn't get too hot. With other massagers, the heat function can make my skin itchy at a certain point for some reason which is why I really like this one as I can use it and still feel comfortable for a long use. If you get too overly comfortable, this massager will shut itself off at 15 minutes (just in case you fell asleep). You can start it all over again though with just the press of the power button.

After a session, I feel really refreshed. I liked my experience that I let my mom try it.

Guess what? She really loves it too! Which makes me really happy. This massager makes her shoulder movements more bearable after a session. She told me that she felt less pain when moving her shoulders that she felt confident that she will be cured of "Frozen Shoulders" in the next few weeks.

Overall, I am happy with this massager and consider it the best neck and shoulder massager out there.


I've also been contacted by Naipo that they will be having a special massager designed for Christmas gift pretty soon. It's still not available yet, but I'll be sure to update you guys if it becomes available. You got to admit though... the design looks pretty sweet!

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