Reflexology - the Body's Internal Massage

The Ultimate in Stress Management

When I tell people about reflexology, a lot of times I am confronted with a blank stare. Then I know, once again, know that another person has not been introduced to this wonderful form of therapy! Though I was a bit skeptical at first that I would feel that much better after a foot massage, I soon learned how great reflexology was after my ex tried it on me. So let me tell you what reflexology is, the effects of reflexology, and how it has worked for not only me, but my ex father-in-law as well!

To begin, reflexology is a form of therapy which involves stimulating the nerves of the feet, hands, and ears. Now I know that I only mentioned feet in the last paragraph, but that is because the feet are the most common place that reflexology is performed. According to reflexology, there is chart that shows where different areas of the body correspond to the bottom of a person’s feet and if that area is stimulated by massage, that area could potentially have some type of beneficial effect or possibly improve some problem in that area. It is said that reflexology assists the self-healing process.

There are short and long term effects of reflexology that I want to mention. The short term effects are in two categories: during treatment and after treatment. During treatment, a person will probably feel very relaxed, possibly tired because they are so relaxed, and maybe a tingling a sensation in their feet. The theory behind the tingling and the tiredness is that the body is releasing the built-up toxins and clearing the energy blockages of the body. After treatment, there is normally a feeling of reduced stress, very deep relaxation, as well as improved circulation! Who can’t feel good after a foot massage?! I know I love them! The long term effects of reflexology an immune system boost due to the reduced stress and a feeling of increased energy! It is said that regular performance of reflexology not only improves the performance of the immune system as a whole, it also leads to feeling of increased energy.

And now on to the reasons why I believe reflexology does work and should be practiced! My ex used to rub my feet all the time! And for some reason if I had a stomach ache or something on the day he was rubbing my feet, the part of my foot that corresponded to what was aching would be sore. After he was done, I would usually feel better the next day. Now this isn’t what really made me a believer in reflexology! What made me a believer is when my ex’s father had a kidney stone that couldn’t be passed and couldn’t be broken up by an ultrasound! My ex father-in-law went to a reflexologist and they worked on his feet a few times. He started feeling better just a few days later and when he went to his other doctor, they told him that his kidney stones had completely dissolved! Now, I don’t know about you, but I would say that is proof that reflexology work because he knows that he didn’t pass it!

Reflexology is a great method for therapy that a lot of people don’t know about. Not only is it a nice and relaxing form of therapy, it also will improve your health! My ex father-in-law is living proof that reflexology does actually work! So the next time your body is aching or you aren’t feeling good, go to a reflexologist, or better yet, just have your significant other give you a nice foot rub! You won’t regret it!