Relaxzen 60-2907P08 Short Review

Relaxzen 60-2907P08Get a relaxing heated massage to help melt away stress and back pain any time you want, anywhere you want it! The Relaxzen 60-2907P08 is the perfect way to end a stressful day, recover from long travels or get ready for physical activity. This plush massage cushion comfortably rests on any chair, recliner, floor or bed. It is lightweight and easy to transport and store. One of the best features that immediately caught my attention was the level of comfort the plush material gives you. Made from soft polyester covering a firm yet comfortable foam filling, this massager offers a 10 motor vibration system with therapeutic heat in the lumbar area. If you're just looking for a simple vibrational chair then this is one of the top massage pad of its price range.


Brief History of The Company

Comfort Products has been in business since 1919, selling top of the line massage products. Their brand name products have won them loyal customers the world over. Buy one for yourself or as a gift, the design fits just about any chair or can be used on the floor or bed for people with sever back pain or spasms.

Relaxzen 60-2907P08 Features

Everyone can use a little massage therapy now and then! A soothing massage can help you relax, release tension and help lessen the pain of chronic lumbar pain. This particular model focuses on vibration in pivotal areas to help you feel refreshed. There are 4 massage zones; the upper back, the lower back, thighs and calves. You can use one of the 5 pre-programmed massage modes coupled with your choice of three different intensity levels. There is an easy to use LED remote included with this unit. Getting all of these features with a very affordable price tag is a deal that can’t be beat!


Richard Thompson


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