Secret Spa Savings: Getting More Than Just a Massage

foot spa
Have you ever wanted to spend the day at a spa but can’t justify the expense? Or have you ever looked forward to a spa treatment but felt unsatisfied because it’s over in less than an hour? Here are a few tips on how to enjoy a day at the spa without spending a small fortune.

You won’t need to empty your pockets by paying for a half or full- day package in order to relax yourself into paradise. Most destination spas allow clients, who sign up for one or more treatments, to have access to all of their facilities. My suggestion is to select one treatment that suits your needs and arrange it so that you will have extra time to explore the “free” amenities the facility provides. This may include a workout facility, swimming pool, steam room and a whirlpool.

The first step in planning your budget spa day is to prepare for your visit. Most of what you need will be provided at the spa, but it’s a good idea to pack a small gym bag with a swimsuit, workout clothes, and a few toiletries.

Upon arrival a spa host or hostess will greet you. Let her know you plan to spend the day at their facility and she will provide you with a spa robe, slippers and assign you to a locker. Once you’ve organized your things visit the workout facility or take a swim in the pool. Typically poolside towels are available by showing your locker key.
Next take a stroll by the refreshment bar. Tea, water, juice and fresh fruits are left out for spa patrons to nibble on in between treatments. This may be enough to hold you over until your regular mealtime.

Prior to your treatment, take advantage of the whirlpool to relax your muscles and mind or maybe have a foot spa. Another option is to sit in the steam room or sauna. Be sure to ask for eucalyptus spray in the steam room for an aromatherapy experience without and added expense.

Finally, enjoy the spa service you selected and don’t forget to pamper yourself in the spa showers before you leave. Many of them offer a rain showerhead and are housed with spa products like shampoo, body wash and conditioners in herbal scents. This will end your day with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that will help you face the world again!

Here are just a few places that I’ve used this approach successfully at and left feeling relaxed and renewed: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, Saddlebrook Resort & Spa, Harbor Island Athletic Club, Marco Island Marriott & Resort & Spa, and Safety Harbor Resort & Spa.