Stress Relief: What causes stress and how do you relieve stress?

Stress and the Stress Response

Psychology experts suggest that stress arises when you perceive a situation as threatening, or difficult to handle. Some people find that tight deadlines make them more productive, whereas others might find that deadlines create more anxiety because they don't perform well under pressure. Can you change your situation or perception? Possibly. Can you change your body's response to stressful situations? Possibly. But what you can do, for sure, is help to elicit the relaxation response in order to override the effects of stress on your health and well-being. Dr. Herbert Benson coined the term, relaxation response as a counterbalancing mechanism to the stress response.

How to Elicit the Relaxation Response - More Relaxation, Less Stress

Your body and your mind communicate with each other. Any form of mental stress causes physical tension in the body. Massage relieves tension and also provides emotional benefits such as decreased anxiety, depression and fatigue, as well as promotes an overall sense of well-being.

Gentle forms of massage can affect the nervous system and help to release endorphins, or your body's natural, make you feel better chemicals. These chemicals can help induce relaxation, relieve pain and reduce stress hormones that contribute to poor health.

Common Stressors

Work Stress
- changes in your work environment, such as changes in staffing, new projects, scheduling, equipment; and work-related stress, such as tight deadlines, office politics, too much work, too much pressure, interpersonal conflicts, competitive work environment.

Home Stress - changes at home, family demands, family conflict, and financial problems.

Environmental Stress
- overcrowding, traffic, pollution, noise, environmental disasters, and conflict.

Self Stress
- mental and emotional stress can be created by perfectionist tendencies, unrealistic expectations, negative attitude, poor lifestyle choices, and poor health.

You can try as much as possible to reduce the stress in your life, but unfortunately, stress can't be eliminated entirely. Getting your body to relax is one great way to combat the effects of stress on your health and happiness. Maybe purchasing an Inada Dreamwave massage chair can help remove that stress away.