Video Guide to Deep Tissue Massage: Myofascial Release Technique Training Review

deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage: A Video Guide to Techniques is the companion DVD set to the book by Art Riggs, Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide. With seven disks in the set and many hours of play time, Riggs takes massage therapists step-by-step through the basics of myofascial release massage and on to more advanced and specific bodywork techniques.

Fundamentals of Deep Tissue Massage

Riggs begins the Deep Tissue Massage DVD set with some basics of touch cultivation that beginning massage therapists should find very helpful. Even more experienced bodyworkers who haven't previously studied deep tissue techniques, or find their current work tiring to their bodies, will find the information helpful. Subjects such as pressure, angle of effort, body mechanics and more are expertly explained and demonstrated by Art Riggs, a Certified Advanced Rolfer with over 20 years massage therapy experience.

Tools of Deep Tissue Massage

This section of the video is so helpful in explaining to therapists how to move beyond just damaging thumb work and learn to use all the tools available to massage therapists: fingers, thumbs, knuckles, fists, forearm and elbows. Clear demonstrations show the therapist how to use the body effectively to encourage change to tight body tissues, without causing damage to the massage therapist. Riggs also shows how to work difficult to reach areas of the body using a variety of tools and client positioning which most massage therapists would find very helpful.

Myofascial Release Strategies for Success

The next three Deep Tissue Massage DVDs take the massage therapist through the entire body showing the most common strategies and techniques to utilize. Riggs does an excellent job demonstrating the techniques while emphasizing communication with the client and personalization of each session based on customer needs. This is the section that will be most beneficial for massage therapists who are learning deep tissue massage techniques for the first time.

Deep Tissue Massage for Specific Concerns

In the last section of Deep Tissue Massage, Riggs covers some advanced techniques designed to highlight common complaints massage therapists are presented with in their everyday practice. These sections cover specific concerns such as knee pain and dysfunction, sciatica, rotator cuff restrictions, and wrist complaints. Each condition is presented within the scope of practice for massage therapists and rather than leaving us feeling helpless, bodyworkers are brought through a logical and intuitive process for helping the client and supporting the body's healing process.

Quality of Deep Tissue Video and Presentation

The video guide is presented in a clear way that is easy to follow. Riggs does an excellent job narrating the video so you feel like you have a mentor massage therapist taking you through a deep tissue massage step by step. The pace is good and keeps your interest, without moving too fast and becoming overwhelming.

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage video that a massage therapist can watch one day, and begin to implement into their practice the very next day. While it would take several viewing sessions to work through all the material presented in the DVD, a massage therapist will notice a difference in their massage sessions very quickly. The video set goes well with the book and together would prove invaluable to the massage therapist who is desiring to move into a deep tissue massage practice.